Greetings from Jojo!

Hello everybody, dear friends, followers, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs.

Some of you might have noticed that we have this blog on our site. And those of you who have noticed, probably also noticed that I hardly ever blog anything.

There are a number of reasons for that. One is my disdain for the social network and the disproportionate noise to signal ratio it generates in our culture and society. The widespread anxiety of being cut out of the loop and ultimately evicted from the tribe has reached epidemic proportions. In the process more reality vanishes from our lives and gets replaced with…noise.
And the prospect of possibly having to enter debates on the internet, which has equipped every schmuck with a megaphone, isn’t too motivating either.

But I might as well declare a simpler and perhaps more honest reason for my un-involvement: Sparing myself from spending even more time in front of a computer that I already do.

Then again, I must admit that given the opportunity I’m capable of disappearing in a Youtube vortex for many hours and emerge quite happy and invigorated. Or, I can sometimes catch myself internet shopping on my laptop while watching movies aka multitasking aka working on my ADD chops. Sure, all entry level stuff for digital natives, but not for me.

Arguably losing the “less time in front of the computer” argument with myself at this point, I might have to surrender to the conclusion that so far I’ve been just too lazy to mint my concerns into a readable format. Or perhaps I also felt inadequate to do so.

However, not too long ago an unprecedented impulse made me write down some of my thoughts on music, art, culture and society for myself and share it with some friends.
And quite a bunch said: “Yeah, you should post this on a blog! Yeah man, blog that s**t !”
And I said: “Hmmm, a blog? I’m set up for a blog, but I never blog anything. John takes care of most of it.”
And they said: “WHaaAAT? Blog blog blog! Blog blog blog! BlooO00oOoogah…!!!”

So without further ado, consider this the introduction to some more traffic at this location.

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